New York Textile Co. is a family business.

Granted, when we say a family business what we really mean is a modern family business. Not the generational, father and son type of business, but the progressive, modern day single mother and son type of business.

We stumbled upon the home goods market quite by chance. What started out as a handmade Christmas present from mother to son became the inspiration to form and progress a collaboration between the two of us.

Helped along the way with lots of encouragement from friends, a little bit of reading and a lot of exploring, we developed an aspiration to craft quality home goods entirely in the USA.

After investing many hours, weeks, months and years in design, indigenous sourcing, American manufacturing and attention to detail, our modest endeavour has slowly but surely developed into the intricately woven company we have, and continue to proudly develop, today.

In a nod to the textile mills of old, who proudly named themselves after the places they were from, we adopted the name New York Textile Co.

Thats not to say we are luddites of course. And just like these textile mills revolutionised industry over 200 years ago through the adoption of streamlined production, new labour practices and the use of new technologies to offer quality items at affordable prices, we are embracing the way the world works today.

By operating efficiently and using modern day platforms built around the internet to engage directly with our customers, we are able to provide quality items that are entirely handmade in the USA at prices that would otherwise be unachievable.

So while we might make traditional items, they are always based on progressive ideals.